THE TERMINATOR Private Commission

  • 24″ x 36″
  • 8 Colors

I’m at a point wherein I’m getting my good share of haters. Which is all good since I’m also starting to get a few fans as well who support the way the art looks at the moment. I’ve got more control over my values now using only lines, but I understand where the hate is coming from – The weird, forced perspective of this poster is… well… weird. But the client and the group that commissioned it seemed to really like it and that’s all that matters for now.


Concept for the image was inspired by a scene in Judgment Day – when those cops were talking to Sara Connor about a police raid that happened a few years ago and they dropped some pictures of the T-800 on the table. The pictures were taken from a security camera, and I thought that’d be a cool concept to try and pull off. The security camera was the reason for the fish eye perspective.

I imagined this in black and white with only the reds standing out in there, but the client wanted the whole piece in color so we went with that in the end. I tried to give the layout this 80’s vibe as well, with the framing and the way the title and billing block is placed and handled. I probably went overboard with the lens flare coming from the eye. I wanted to enhance the sci-fi vibe with it and I also wanted more reds in there. It might have ruined the 80’s feel but the client liked it, so we stuck with it.

I went crazy in the end of making this because the fish eye looked really weird to me. I think I made the mistake of having Arnold tilt his head up in order to capture his likeness more. It just doesn’t go with the angle I started out with. But the group loved the piece. Lesson learnt – Won’t be working in this forced of an angle ever again… Unless the client requires it of course lol

This poster was commissioned by THE COMMISSIONER’S CLUB and was my first screen print ever. Art direction by Kyle Reist.



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