THE LITTLE MERMAID Private Commission

  • 36″ x 24″
  • 6 Colors

I was approached by Adam from Hero Complex Gallery. They loved the Jurassic World print and wanted to work with me on an artwork that utilizes the same kind of detailing applied to the background. It was to be shown/sold during their NYCC 2015 show. I was surprised that they asked me for a Little Mermaid print as I didn’t think it fit the style of my artworks and I don’t have a lot of female characters on my portfolio. Got me really interested to see how this’ll turn up in the end.

One thing I missed while settling the deal for this piece was to ask for AP’s, which wasn’t that big of a deal for me at the time. I didn’t think anyone would want to buy any prints from me, so I tried to bring the artist fee up as much as I could instead. Suddenly been getting a couple of requests for some signed copies of some of my work and I regret not asking for AP’s of this print. Made it a point to try and make AP’s a part of the deal whenever possible from now on.
The brief was to create a detailed alien landscape with corals. I remembered that scene wherein Ariel was fooling around in the sunken ship with Flounder. I imagined the kind of wonder a coral-filled, alien landscape would bring to a diver; and Ariel feeling the same kind of amazement when she’s exploring the insides of a sunken ship and discovering weird items in it.

I think I leveled up a bit in controlling the colors better at such a limited palette. Also, I’m starting to capture more of the kind of lighting I want in my images using only lines in this piece.

This poster was commissioned by HERO COMPLEX GALLERY. Art direction by Adam Martin.


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