Here’s the client brief:
“The 12th Doctor from Doctor Who side by side (or back to back) with David Bowie (in his 60s).
Standing on a hilltop in an alien landscape both are rocking their electric guitars, frying the brains of encroaching robots (from the show or something new you come up with, or cybermen) with their sweet riffs.
Two old men rocking out against the forces of evil.”

I’ve always wanted to paint David Bowie. Such a cool and colorful character. The colors for the ‘guitar beams’ were pulled up from the iconic lightning bolt make up from Bowie’s Aladdin Sane album. The background was inspired by the opening shot of Bowie’s Black Star music video. Really loving this new style with it’s more-stylized forms and vibrant colors. Hope I can continue pushing it further.

The artwork will be printed on glass and will be given as a gift for the client’s girlfriend. Really sweet 😀

dukedoctor_1500_2 dukedoctor_cu_b dukedoctor_cu_c dukedoctor_cu_a

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