Starting the blog off with these artworks that I kinda forced myself to paint to break out of my ‘art rut’ back then. It’s been years since I finished an artwork for myself!

Joined Heroes of the Storm contest over at Deviant Art. I’m pretty happy with how this artwork came out even though it’s a bit dark. And those zerglings up front came up flat, and forced just to have some foreground stuff in there xD Tried making my work more cinematic – I think I achieved that partly.

I also tried getting in on the Patreon craze and learned how to capture my creation process and posted it on YouTube as a reward offer sample for potential ‘pledgers’. I actually enjoyed editing these videos but I learned that you’ll need to have a strong following to even have a chance at being successful in  Patreon. I decided it’s just not worth it wasting time making these process videos and would rather pour all the time in making art, so I dropped out of making these after 3 videos. It was fun fooling around with it anyway.

Longest time-lapse video ever:



Enjoyed the HOTS fan art so much, I decided to do another Blizzard-inspired work. Their trailers are just too cool! I like how Grom came out here, but I don’t like how I handled Mannoroth. He came out looking flat again and forced in there like those zerglings in the Lich King Vs. Tychus image.


I’ve always dreamed of creating my own comics/graphic novel and I’ve got some stories I’m developing at the moment. That’s kind of the reason why I’m blabbing a bunch of these probably unnecessary words and details out – to train myself in writing and hopefully improve my grammar. Anyway, this was my first attempt at a finished line artwork. Had so much fun that I even dropped some text in there poster style. I never imagined that I’d get some commissions because of this particular piece. And in a style that I’ve barely been practicing with.


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