JURASSIC WORLD | 24″ x 36″ Screen Print (Shipping Rate INCLUDED in price)



24″ x 36″
10 colors
Screen Print
80 lb Cougar White paper
Signed and Numbered
Edition of 8

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  • The product will be shipped from the Philippines in a 4.5″ diameter, 27″ long PVC pipe for maximum protection.
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The poster is inspired by the Indominus Rex’s ability to camouflage into its surrounding, acquired by infusing a Tree Frog’s DNA with its own. It was originally in the scene with the soldiers wherein it used this ability in the movie, but we thought it’d be better to have the kids in the Gyrosphere for the poster instead.

This poster was commissioned by THE COMMISSIONER’S CLUB and was my first screen print ever. Art direction by Kyle Reist.



Screens (10 colors):