JAWS “Quint’s Swan Song” | 36″ x 24″ Screen Print (Shipping Rate INCLUDED in price)


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 36″ x  24″
8 Colors
Screen Print
Signed and Numbered
Edition of 17

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The concept was to capture how Spielberg presented the shark in the movie–We didn’t get to see the shark in all it’s glory until the very end. So we decided to omit the shark completely from the composition and kept the focus on Quint, who’s trying to keep himself from sliding down to his inevitable death like in the movie. We want the viewer to imagine the shark waiting just underneath the water, off frame, for Quint to fall into it’s bite. The show-it-all-using-VFX ways of today’s movies can definitely learn a thing or two from this classic–What is shown isn’t important; the build up to its reveal is what matters.

This poster was commissioned by CULT CLASSIC PRINTS. Art direction by Steven Moore.



Screens (8 Colors):





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