Old Works

Added a couple of oldie-but-goodie artworks in the portfolio. Seems to stand the test of time well enough, except maybe the colors are a bit too saturated now.

It was an entry for a steampunk challenge back in CGsociety. I wanted the sound of waves splashing and rusty iron and metal screeching in the viewer’s mind as the automaton kraken slowly surfaced with it’s mechanical tentacles viciously whirling towards our heroes in the sacrificial platform.
I went crazy with Dark Souls 1 and 2 back in the day when I still had time to play these wonderful, wonderful games. They transported me into another world that pushed my senses to its limits, and I loved every second of it! Perhaps I’ll have time to play the recently released Dark Souls 3 some time. Praise the Sun!
Another game that has a special place in my heart – this was for a Silent Hill creature design contest. The design was meant to look like hands, which looks like a spider too. I wish the people responsible for bringing down Del Toro and Kojima’s P.T. Silent Hills would encounter something like this creature when their souls are eventually sent to hell for eternal torture.

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