JAWS “QUINT’S SWAN SONG” Private Commission

  • 36″ x 24″
  • 8 Colored Screen print
  • 80 lb Cougar White paper

Here’s the other commission I was working on along with the Falling Down poster for Cult Classic Prints. I think we did a great job on it, but I still can’t help feeling scared that people might not like it coz I seem to have gathered more haters than fans over the Terminator commission I worked on 😛
jbballaran_jawsFor the concept, we initially had a shark at the bottom where Quint is sliding down to, but the client suggested we take it out to coincide with how Spielberg mysteriously/ominously presented the shark – We almost didn’t get to see the shark until the very end, which is really why the movie worked so well. Anyway, a couple of other pros chimed in with their ideas, which really improved this poster a lot – Big thanks to Kevin Wilson, Chris Skinner, Pardeep Bains, and of course the client/art director Steven Moore for their awesome suggestions! This wouldn’t have gotten to where it is now without them. I hope people will really like and buy the prints when it finally gets revealed in a week. 

This poster was commissioned by CULT CLASSIC PRINTS. Art direction by Steven Moore.



Screens (8 Colors):



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