• 36″ x 24″
  • 8 Colors

Was approached by a group called “Cult Classic Prints”. Was really interested as I think these kinds of movies fit this ‘grit’ I am going for with my style.

I vaguely remember having seen this movie when I was a child. Only the Lee Ermey scenes stuck with me and had to re-watch it again. I realized that part of the fun of doing these movie posters is having to revisit these films, and view them with a more-critical mind so that you may find the best possible way to interpret the story and translate it to a single image that folks will like. I started thinking that I’m really going to enjoy doing this kind of job provided that I keep getting more commissions. Still experimenting at how to best approach this line art style while I was on this, and I was loving every minute fooling around with different techniques.


The client wanted to focus on Pyle’s (D’Onofrio) descent into madness. I’ve been practicing my 3 point perspective (in this case a worm’s eye view 3 point perspective) and thought I’d try and make it work for this concept. The scene is taken from right before Pyle shoots Sergeant Hartman (Ermey). Changed Hartman’s outfit and dressed him in his iconic drill instructor uniform instead of his sleeping attire. Had the walls crumble down  and revealing a building ablaze in the background, supposedly foreshadowing the battle to come later in the film and symbolizing Pyle’s breakdown. This group of commissioners also liked having “references” of items in the film, so we added the booby trap bunny in there; the soap that Pyle got beat up with by his co-trainees; and the donut that Sgt. Hartman got angry with him for in his right hand. The client also suggested having the characters in grayscale to give it that old-school vibe.

This poster was commissioned by CULT CLASSIC PRINTS. Art direction by Steven Moore.



Screens (8 colors):


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