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This was a private commission created for Cult Classic Prints. I was given Martin Whatson’s graffiti art as a visual peg by the client. The style would also be the inspiration for the title of the print, taking cues on how ‘fruity’ these colors appear and how it looks like a multi-colored bubblegum that has popped all over the dead cop tied to the chair. We also played with the idea that gasoline itself gives off these rainbow colors when light hits it. It was a crazy idea and we had fun with the concept.


Samples of Martin Whatson’s art used as references for the poster’s style:

Trying to replicate Whatson’s style has awoken a need to work with more-vibrant and striking colors on my art. A more-stylized way of interpreting colors as opposed to always trying to make things look photo-realistic was suddenly the goal in mind from now on. I have started looking at the works of other graffiti artists like Telmo Miel, and Sainier; I went to James Jean, Tomer Hanuka, and even Dean Cornwell, and a bunch of other artists for inspiration; the illustrations done in those New Yorker magazines suddenly look great to me and I’ve added and continue adding more and more artists working under these styles to my watch list, just studying and absorbing what I can. I’ve also found a bunch of artists working under this ‘graphic design mixed with illustration’ style in the Behance community, so I’m thinking of starting a portfolio there too. I don’t even know what the style is called if there is even a name for it, all I know is that I must meld my own style with this new and exciting look (new to me at least). I feel like my eyes have been opened to a whole new world and I’m just thrilled to create something with this new vision soon.

Now, something I’m currently working on: I’m looking to apply a bit of this new style on another private commission I’m doing for Cult Classic Prints. I hope the poster turns out alright and the new style I’ll be doing garners the attention of more potential clients.

THE MATRIX Private Commission WIP:


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