FALLING DOWN Private Commission | WIP : RESERVOIR DOGS Private Commission | Printed : ALIEN 3

Recently completed private commission for Cult Classic Prints. I’m really happy with how this came out and I think this is going to be my best screen print yet when it gets printed in a couple of months. Learned a lot of new things regarding dot gain and whatnot from this guy, “Ben”, who works at (or owns?) this printshop that we’re working with at the moment to get these alternative posters done.

Been working on another private commission for Cult Classic Prints – RESERVOIR DOGS. Finalization for the artwork has begun a few weeks back. Progress has slowed down as I’ve been sick this past few days 😛

Here’s a little WIP artwork tease:


Doing my best to finish this soon while trying to fight off this damned virus I caught somewhere. I’m still not happy with Mr. Orange (Roth)’s likeness. But it’s getting there.

ALIEN 3 “PART OF THE FAMILY” has been printed. Done by that guy I mentioned I recently learned a lot of screen printing technical stuff from. I honestly feel like some more could’ve been done with the darker areas of the print, but he did a hell of a job with the lit areas. Gonna have to adjust some numbers on the file preparation if we’re doing better on our next prints.



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