Been busy during and after the holidays with some personal stuff. Only recently started getting some focus back on work. A couple of exciting projects in line that I’ll hopefully be able to reveal soon.

The few AP’s from my Jurassic World commission have arrived (8 in total). Now to figure out how to ship these…


24″ x 36″
Screen print
Cougar Bright White 100#C
Signed and numbered
Edition of 7

I couldn’t find anybody that sells those “Kraft mailing tubes” anywhere in the country. Read somewhere that PVC pipes are a great alternative since they’re stronger, albeit a little crude in presentation. It’s definitely cheaper, except for the shipping since these are considerably heavier. It costs around $50 to ship these in the cheapest courier here in the country (Post Office), which sucks since I need to dial down the base price to make up for the shipping price.

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