ALIEN 3 “PART OF THE FAMILY” Personal Work turned Private Commission

This was only supposed to be a personal work meant for experimentation on this new style I was hoping to apply to screen-printed posters. But a few folks approached me, asking if this will get printed as they’d like to get in on it if ever. It pushed me to talk to Steve Moore, head of Cult Classic Prints, and try to get him to print it. He saw the potential of the print and developed it further with me. He suggested having the xenomorph’s hands/arms wrap around the characters to make it creepier. It also symbolizes how ‘encapsulated’ the characters are in the prison, hunted down by the Alien. And my god, it really made the print more epic! Good reminder that it pays to listen to the ideas of others.


I am happy to say that I am going to be working under this style for fully-colored screen prints from now on. The sketchy style will be applied to only black and white stuff from now on as it seems to suit it better.

Happy Alien Day! 🙂

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